Receiving the 2019 Breeder Award

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Count Ridge Red Angus

No matter whether you join us in person or online, we guarantee to bring you some of the BEST GENETICS IN THE RED ANGUS BUSINESS! Since 1974, Count Ridge has been dedicated to developing a herd which delivers the traits of fertility, longevity, profitability, ease of handling, and of course – some of the Best Beef To Be Found!

The Count Ridge Red Angus herd is a carefully crafted, “Performance Herd,” backed by years of DOCUMENTED PERFORMANCE REPORTING – AND INTEGRITY, which enables us to reliably provide you with the qualities you are looking for! We are dedicated to raising bulls for BREEDING. They are not creep-fed, finished cattle or show-ring-divas. Wean weights are from right off the mother and grass. Once weaned they are fed appropriately bringing about their best features and providing an adequate evaluation of their potential, without pushing so hard as to compromise feet, health, or reproductive capabilities. They have been weaned and on feed since 09/15/21, and weighed/evaluated every 30 days to monitor performance. (Special thanks to Christine and Cattle Land for doing such a fine job!) We welcome your research into the Bulls EPD’s which may be found on “Animal Inquiry” through the Canadian Angus Association website. (data in catalogue is current at time of printing).

These Bulls will prove themselves in your herd, boost your bottom line and leave a legacy of profitability! We are always grateful for your participation and attendance at our sale and have an immense appreciation for all of our buyers, past and present!

Receiving the 2019 Breeder Award